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Content and Scoring
The dental hygiene examination is based on clinical patient treatment, with an evaluation of specific clinical skills as well as the candidate’s compliance with professional standards during the course of treatment. Below is a summary of the specific content and scoring associated with the examination. 

Clinical Skill

Scorable Items        x

Points scored per Item       =

Max Points

Extra/Intra Oral Assessment
Periodontal Probing   
Scaling/Subgingival Calculus Removal
Supragingival Deposit Removal




Patient-Based Examination Scoring System
There is one, comprehensive, total score reported by CRDTS for the Dental Hygiene Examination. CRDTS utilizes a criterion-based grading system to differentiate between acceptable and unacceptable performance. Criteria have been established for each clinical procedure. Three examiners independently evaluate all treatment and apply the criteria in assessing performance. For every scorable item that is confirmed as an error by at least two independent examiners, points will be deducted from the 100 possible points.
Patient-Based Penalty Point Deductions 
In addition to penalties assessed for unacceptable Treatment Selections, penalties assessed by the Dental Hygiene Coordinator for Treatment Standards categories such as patient management and infection control will also be computed into the score. If a candidate is assessed any penalty points, they will be notified of this fact during the exam via written communication (Treatment Standards Form) from the Hygiene Coordinator. 

Patient-Based Treatment Selection:  Penalty points are assessed for Treatment Selections that do not meet the criteria outlined in the candidate manual.
  • Maximum 4 treatment submissions allowed
  • 7 penalty points for 1st Treatment Selection rejection .............................. -7 Points 
  • 7 penalty points for 2nd Treatment Selection rejection ............................. -7 Points
  • 0 penalty points deducted for 3rd and 4th rejections

Patient-Based Treatment Standards:  Penalty points are assessed for any violation of standards as defined for:
  • Improper Record Keeping                                                                                   -2 Points
  • Failure to properly complete Anesthetic Documentation                                              -2 Points
  • Professional Demeanor                                                                                       -2 Points
  • Infection Control/Asepsis violations                                                                        -2 Points
  • Patient Management/Inadequate pain control                                                          -5 Points
  • Tissue Trauma (2 errors allowed / 3 errors constitutes Critical Error)                             -5 Points
  • Time Penalty 1-15 minutes late                                                                           -10 Points
  • Time Penalty 16 or more minutes late                                               DISMISSAL FROM EXAM
  • Unprofessional Conduct                                                                  DISMISSAL FROM EXAM

Patient-Based Critical Errors
Critical errors are any procedures that could lead to patient injury or may jeopardize overall treatment of the patient. Critical errors may result in failure of the Dental Hygiene Examination even though other rated treatment criteria are acceptably completed. 
Critical Tissue Trauma Error:  A tissue trauma critical error, resulting in failure of the exam, will be assessed if any of the following exist:
  • Damage to 3 or more areas of gingival tissue, lips or oral mucosa 
  • An amputated papillae 
  • An exposure of the alveolar process 
  • A laceration or damage that requires suturing or periodontal packing 
  • An unreported broken instrument tip found in the sulcus
  • One or more ultrasonic burns requiring follow-up treatment 
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